*Gamma-aminobutyric acid
GABA is an amino acid and it is contained in commercially available
vegetable juices in Japan. GABA is attracting attention as a functional
ingredient because it is reported to have function of lowering blood pressure.
Among vegetables, tomatoes contain a relatively high amount of GABA.
Amount of Gaba in Vegetables
Bulletin on the Industrial Research Center of Ehime, 35, 35 (1997)
The Mechanism of Action of GABA
Without GABA
Source: https://www.kagome.co.jp/products/brand/tomatojuice/kinousei/functional-claims/
KAGOME’S Craftsmanship for
It's been over 90 years since Kagome launched tomato juice for the first time in Japan in 1933. Since its launch, based on the manufacturing philosophy that the “fields are the primary production plant”, we have been working on cultivation with contract farmers since our founding, and while expanding the domestic production area of tomato juice raw materials, we are also utilizing the know-how and achievements cultivated through contract cultivation to procure raw materials from overseas.
Pursuit Of Deliciousness
The tomatoes that Kagome uses for juice are: It is characterized by the bright red color up to the inside. The true nature of this red color is a pigment called lycopene. It is an ingredient that is attracting attention for its function on beauty and health. Fully ripe tomatoes in bright red, bathed in full sun. Tomato juice is a useful way of taking tomato because absorption of lycopene is increased by processing. For a healthy and beautiful day, one bottle a day, bright red Kagome tomato juice.
Good Raw Materials
Kagome's manufacturing is particular from the seeds. Verifying tomato seeds around the world, we will adopt the appropriate one for each product. Kagome's commitment to delicious and safe manufacturing is also poured tightly into tomato juice. Kagome possesses about 7,500 species of tomatoes. The most suitable seeds from them are used for tomato juice.
Kagome Tomato Juice is
a “Food with Function Claim” in Japan
It was reported that lycopene has the function of increasing blood HCL (good) cholesterol, and GABA has the function of lowering blood pressure of those with mild hypertension. Kagome Tomato Juice, which contains such naturally derived nutrients lycopene and GABA, has been notified to the Consumer Affairs Agency as a food with functional claims.
Source: https://www.kagome.co.jp/products/brand/tomatojuice/kinousei/kodawari/
Found an article on Kagome's Japan web that GABA is effective
in combating blood pressure, so I gave it a try!
Source: https://www.fld.caa.go.jp/caaks/cssc02/?recordSeq=42305110432700
The Body has a Circadian Rhythm
It is known that absorption of some nutrients change depending on the time. If you drink tomato juice in the
morning, the absorption rate of lycopene is higher than drinking it in the noon or at evening.
Absorption of Lycopene from Tomato Juice
Source: https://www.kagome.co.jp/statement/health/yasaiwotorou/asavege/
Nutrient Absorption
There are nutrients in vegetables that are absorbed more by taking from vegetable juice than from fresh
vegetables. Research has shown that the absorption rate of lycopene by about 3.8 times and beta-carotene
increases by about 1.5 times when taking from processed products such as juice.
Let's make good use of vegetable juice in your daily life and get enough nutrients from vegetables!
Source: https://www.kagome.co.jp/statement/health/yasaiwotorou/asavege/
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